#0654   Chicago Label Hat  c. 1890s  


Materials: Colored straw: yellow, green, red stripe, and black, black, green and orange silk ribbons, black silk gauze ribbon, black velvet ribbon, cloth flowers, black cotton lining, wire foundation.

Label: Gold stamped on black satin label: "Madame Albert Imported Millinery, 183 State St. CHICAGO"

Condition: Excellent. Very slight wear to orange taffeta ribbon.

Measurements: 12" x  8.5".

Comments: This small hat exemplifies the excessive heights Victorian millinery achieved at the end of the 19th century. The foundation of the hat is made from three colors of straw, woven together and ruched at the crown. The color theme is orange, green, black and burgundy and it is cleverly repeated in the ribbon trims and cloth flowers. This confection was meant to be worn atop an upswept coiffure and tilted at a dramatic angle, forward over the right eyebrow.