#1250  Little Boy's Dress  c. 1860-1870

  United States    $575.00

White cotton printed with blue and red, white cotton printed with blue Greek key design, ten mother of pearl buttons.

Condition: Excellent, near perfect. One tiny hole on back of bodice, red printed circles have faded to pinkish-tan.

Measurements:   Sh-Sh, 9.5"; Chest, 24"; W, 24"; Dress L, 23.5"; Hem C, 77".

Comments: I believe this delightful mid 19th C. boys dress originally was a summer sea-side outfit. Crisp blue and white (with a touch of red) was a favorite color choice for strolls along the boardwalk. Also, long sleeves afforded protection from the hot sun. Picture a five year old boy in this dress wearing a pork-pie straw hat, cotton stockings and high button boots running along the beach.