#1353  Le Puy Lace

c. 1850-1860


Cotton thread, silk fringe.  This collection is made up of 9 separate pieces of fine handmade bobbin lace, some pieces with fringe added, some not.

Provenance:  Purchased from the Dorothy Hoar estate from N.H.  

Label:  A handwritten note, dated January 11, 1915, came with this lace.  In the note to Dorothy's mother Iola, M. M. Taylor states that she is sending "a little birthday token...for Dorothy...some real lace of my Mother's, Guipure of Le Puy."

Condition:  Pristine.

Measurements:  Pieces with silk fringe (3 1/4" wide): 2 cuffs, 12" around; piece, 1 2/3 yds long (mitered in the center to form a "V"); piece, 3 1/3 yds long.  Pieces without fringe (2" wide): collar, 14" x 9"; four short pieces totaling 47".

Comments: Le Puy lace from central France was a very fashionable export lace in the mid 19th century.  The handmade, delicate bobbin lace was usually made with black thread in silk or cotton.  White Le Puy was somewhat more unusual.  This collection of Le Puy most likely adorned an 1850s or early 1860s ball gown or afternoon dress.