#1537   Work Shoes

c. 1890-1910   United States: N.Y.C.


Wooden soles, leather uppers and brass eyelets and nails.

Label: Etched into bottom of the sole on each shoe, "W. Roberts, Maker 96, 9th Ave., N.Y.

Condition: Very Good to Excellent. Leather has dark stains but is not cracking. Laces missing.

Measurements: 11.23" x 3", 1" Heel.

Comments: Wooden soled shoes for men and women laborers were popular in late 19th and early 20th centuries workplaces. On page 45 of the July 1900 trade publication, "The Shoe Retailer", there is an article on the US manufacture and distribution of bass wood soled shoes, especially in workplaces that had wet floor.  The article states that these shoes are sold "in every state in the Union, and the uses to which this shoe is adapted are widening. For instance, motormen on street cars have found they are quite effectual in preventing cold feet."  Other work places mentioned that these shoes were popular are creameries, bars, meat-packing plants and ice cream factories.  Judging form the size, I believe this rare pair of work shoes originally belonged to a women.