#1615 Bonnet Veil

c. 1820-1840  Ireland



Materials:  Carrickmacross appliqué lace worked with cotton thread and cloth and appliquéd onto mm net.

Condition:  Good.  Lace appliqué is in excellent condition; the net ground has several holes and some brown stains along the bottom edge of the veil. 

Measurements:  18" X 54".

Comments:  Carrickmacross lace came into vogue after 1808 when mm bobbin net was first produced.  The lace was labor intensive to make.  Designs were drawn onto a muslin cloth, then completely couched around the edges before being cut away from the rest of the muslin.  These muslin designs were appliquéd onto the net and finally embellished with distinctive needlerun designs.  This early bonnet veil was worn gathered by a drawstring onto the crown of the oversized bonnets of the 1820-1840 era.  Bonnet veils were worn on either the back or the front of the bonnet.