#1669   Beaded Bonnet
 c. 1880-90  

United States   SOLD

Hand knit cotton lace, glass beads and cotton bobbin lace.

Condition: Excellent, a few period mends in the cap.

Measurements: 6" x 7" folded and laying flat with 1" bobbin lace edging.

Comments: Colorful floral beading similar to that on this bonnet is often found on mid to late 19th century ladies purses.  The beading is hand done, having been worked into the lace pattern as the bonnet was knit. Circa 1890 beaded bonnets just like the one offered here were made for large (19.5" and bigger) Kestner dolls.  Please refer to page 5 of Lydia and Joachime Richter's book, Collecting Antique Dolls.