1699 Parasol c. 1900-1910

United States SOLD

Materials: Covering: cotton muslin edged with eyelet.  Ribs: brass colored metal with brass tips.  Stick: shaped wood with brass tip.

Provenance: Parasol is one of a group I purchased from a 50 year collection of antique clothing and accessories.  This group of parasols is old, unused store stock.  Some of the parasols had stickers on them with the model names.

Condition: Excellent with some light stains.  No holes or tears anywhere.  On the tip of the stick, just under the brass end tip, there is a narrow split in the wood and there is one scrape mark on the wood handle.

Measurements: Covering spread, 32";  Stick L, 42".

Comments: Minor repairs would restore this parasol to perfect condition.