# 1773   Lace and Straw Hat

c. 1908   Rochester, N.Y.


Braided leghorn straw, wire frame covered in silk gauze, Valenciennes lace, silk ribbons, China silk lining, cotton covering decorated with soutache braid, embroidery, Irish crochet roses and cotton net.

Provenance: Early this summer I purchased a trunk full of clothing that had been left unopened for well over 50 years.  This clothing belonged to Charlotte Whitney Allen of Rochester, N.Y. Charlotte was John Hay Whitney's first cousin, and wealthy in her own right.

Label: Gold on white and woven in silk, it reads: McNulty & Co. Ladies Hatters  Rochester".

Condition: Near perfect. Ribbons, straw and elaborate lace covering are pristine. Only in the silk lining of the crown are there a few small tears. Originally I think there were silk flowers decorating the hat because there are small, hardly visible stitch marks above the ribbon band on the front of the crown.

Measurements: Brim: 19" x 17.5".

Comments: Rarely does a hat from this period and of this caliber come available for purchase.  The hat's provenance, American label, the condition and delectable beauty all combine to make this as "right" as could be!