#1796  Roller Skates  c. 1880s  

United States  $395.00

Wooden shoe platform and wheels, steel, nickel, brass and cow hide.

Label: Etched into top of wooden shoe platform, "PAT. JULY 13, 1880, APR. 12, 1881, APR. 25, 1881, MCH. 14, 1882".  At the bottom of shoe, the wood is marked  "9 VINEYARD A".

Condition:  Excellent. Wood is a bit dinged.  Metal fittings are grubby and need a good cleaning and polishing.  Leather straps at the heel and those that went over the top of the foot are cracked and/or missing.

Measurements: Wooden platform:  Length, 9"; Width, 2 1/8"; Height, 3".

Comments:  In the last quarter of the 19th century it became increasingly fashionable for American women to enjoy skating, ice skating in winter and roller skating during other seasons.  To see similar pairs of skates to these, refer to page 101 of Stella Blum's Victorian Fashions & Costumes from Harper's Bazaar 1867-1898.  This early pair of women's roller skates are quite rare.