#1930  Embroidered Under-Sleeves  c. 1860  


 Fine antique white linen lawn, white cotton embroidery floss.

Condition: Fair. 1 sleeve has 3 holes at the top; cloth in both cuffs is weak and has many holes (see photos); 1 cuff with faint brown edge stain.

Measurements: Wrist C 5.25", Top C 20", L 20".

Comments: This style of mid 19th C. under-sleeves, with narrow wrist-band and fully gathered sleeve, is both desirable and difficult to find. It was the perfect accessory under the extreme bell sleeve in fashion at the time. The broiderie anglaise turn-back cuff on this pair is expertly embellished & attached to a deep wrist band with double button holes on each side. With the cuffs turned back, the damaged areas are masked, making this pair a satisfactory display item.