#1943   Mourning Hat   c.  1905

France  $750.00

Black silk pleated crepe, ivory pleated crepe, black silk flowers with jet bead centers, mesh veiling, silk taffeta crown lining.

Provenance: Owned by Lulu Glasser, an American actress at the turn of the century.

Label: Woven silk crown lining reads, "Marie Michel   43 R. St. Augustin   Angle de L'Avenue de L'Opera   PARIS".

Condition: Perfect exterior. Slight foxing on the white lining under the brim.

Measurements: Brim, 15"; Crown Ht, 4".

Comments: Use of pleated black crepe was the primary indicator of deep mourning. Millinery work on this piece is beautiful.  The black silk flowers on the brim and the wired, upright leaves are restrained, yet stylish. Veil is very elegant and mysterious.