#2126   Opera Gloves   c. 1892 


Materials: Off white kidskin, gold cotton floss, gold silk satin ribbon, linen tape, 6 mother of pearl buttons.

Provenance: Purchased from the widow of a respected New England antiques dealer. She said that this pair of gloves and pair #2127 had documentation, now lost, that they were displayed at the 1892 Columbia Exposition. 

Label: Stamped inside, "458", and "6".

Condition: Excellent; never worn. Small insignificant stains (washable?), right glove has a couple of small cuts in leather at underside of top edge, and left glove is missing its bow.

Measurements: L, 27"; Top Opening, 11". Size 6.

Comments: These opera length gloves are the height of elegant evening fashion for the last decade of the 19th century. All seams  are beautifully hand finished on these gloves with meticulous attention to detail and the embroidery is hand done in a tambour (chain) stitch.