#2203   Poke Bonnet   c. 1845-1850 

  United States     SOLD

Ecru cotton muslin with woven stripe, wire and  stiffened buckram frame.

Provenance: Unknown New England family.

Condition: Excellent. There are blemishes, but they are barely noticeable: some minor tiny holes scattered throughout the bonnet and a series of faint brown smudge lines circling the brim about 2 inches in from the edge. Original chin ties missing.

Measurements: 9.5" deep; 9.5" high.

Comments: The striped fabric on this summer bonnet is cleverly ruched to resemble the construction of a caned drawn bonnet. Compare the fabric on the body of the bonnet to the ungathered fabric at the back of the crown and on the narrow bavolet (curtain). All hand sewn, this is a wonderful mid 19th century American bonnet.