#2262  Duchesse Lace Cravat   c. 1890 

Belgium   SOLD

Materials: Cream linen thread, worked in Brussels bobbin lace and Point de Gaz needlelace.

Condition: Very Good. There is a 3/8" hole in the hand done reseau (net) and four small reddish brown stains in the upper center portion of the needlelace insertion.

Measurements: 5" x 20".

Comments: Brussels bobbin lace with insets of Point de Gaz needlelace is called either Duchesse lace or mixed Brussels lace. The bobbin lace is very finely worked with snowflake-like needlelace fillings in the flowers' centers. The flowers and leaves are three dimensional, both in the Point de Gaz and the Brussels lace examples. This cravat was meant to be basted onto the front of a lady's bodice.