#2296    Calash    c. 1790-1800

 United States     SOLD

Materials: Plain weave olive silk with black linen or cotton threads, 10 willow canes, hemp string, brown silk taffeta ribbon, heavy paper covered with dark brown glazed muslin, 1 steel wire.

Provenance: Deaccessioned from a New York museum.

Condition: Very Good to Excellent. Very slight small worn spots in the fabric near the calash's back; in a couple tiny spots the cane exposed through the fabric; front two caned sections sewn together with steel wire added for stability. These are all minor flaws, this calash is very early and in wonderful shape for its being over 200 years old!

Measurements: 12" x 12" x 14" Deep.

Comments: Calashes between the late 18th c. and early 19th c. were worn by ladies to protect their hair and lace caps from the dusty dirt roads when traveling in a carriage.  This calash has an unusual feature - in between each caned section is another fabric  covered section with a strand of hemp cording inside. Original back bow still intact.  Desirable and extremely rare 18th century fashion accessory.