#2440   Ukrainian Folk Blouse   19th C. 


Materials: Homespun heavy gray linen, gold metallic thread, red, dark blue, and gold cotton embroidery floss, heavy natural gray linen embroidery floss.

Provenance: Purchased at auction from a New England museum's de-accession lot. Originally came into museum from Balch family.

Label: Paper museum accession tag, "Russia Ukraine 17736/59  Woman's Shirt [Balch]"; and written in ink on inside blouse, "17736/59".

Condition: Excellent. One dark smudged stain on left side, towards back, 1.5"X1". 

Measurements:    Sh-Sh, 15.5"; B, 44"; Slv L, 24.5"; Slv C, 16.5"; Blouse L, 20"; Hem C, 52".

Comments: At the top of the shoulders colorful red and blue embroidered bands alternate with bands of gold thread tambour stitch embroidery. Below these bands is a distinctive 2.5" width of  geometric embroidery, done in gray linen floss on the natural gray linen. From a slight distance this gray on gray embroidery looks like open-work lace. The rest of the sleeves are worked in diagonal, alternating designs with blue, red and gold cotton floss.