#2442   Serbian Traditional Dress   19th C. 


 Ecru homespun heavy linen, black, red, green, blue, and purple wool embroidery yarn, gold metallic thread, red wool fringe, linen gauze bodice lining, red cotton cuff lining.

Provenance: Purchased at auction from a New England museum's de-accession lot. Originally came into museum from W.E. Mead family.

Label: Paper museum accession tag, "Yugoslavia  Serbia  Dress 27147/3  Mead, W.E."; written ink inside neckband, "27147/3"; printed paper tag sewn onto left breast area, "Yugoslavia - Serbia  Costume from Kossovo Plain where the Southern Slavs were defeated by the Turks in 1389."

Condition: Excellent. Minor small light brown stains (seem to be on the surface) on dress.

Measurements:    Sh-Sh, 15"; B, 40"; H, 48"; Dress L, 51.5"; Slv L, 22.5"; Hem C, 68".

Comments: The construction of this traditional folk dress from the Kossovo Plain of Serbia is extremely well done. Construction style is Dinaric, dark colored embroidery is superbly executed, all seams finished meticulously, and linen gauze backs the wool embroidery on the chest area. Shelia Paine in Embroidered Textiles explains the Dinaric dress pattern of Eastern Europe as being, "cut straight with a fold at the shoulder, slit front placket, and straight sleeves".  The embroidery on both sleeves is a magnificent cluster of stylized flowers, carnations encircling a rose. This dress was photographed with a woman's 19th C. Serbian headscarf, #2444, and a Serbian sash, #2445; all priced separately. Due to the constant political upheaval and fighting during the past 100 years, traditional 19th C. Serbian clothing  is very rare, near impossible to obtain. Museum quality.