#2444   Serbian Traditional Head Scarf   19th C. 


Ecru homespun linen, black, red, magenta, green, and purple heavy cotton embroidery floss, faded red cotton yarn, brass strips and three brass coins.

Provenance: Purchased at auction from a New England museum's de-accession lot. Originally came into museum from W.E. Mead family.

Label: Paper museum accession tag, "Yugoslavia  Serbia  Sash 27147/4  Mead, W.E.". 

Condition: Excellent. Slight bleeding of red on the muslin cloth in the embroidered corner of the scarf. 

Measurements:    31" X 31".

Comments: Serbian women's scarves and head coverings are called "preveza". This preveza is decorated in one corner with a raised chain stitch embroidery in a stylized V design. Corner design is outlined with a crochet black edging. Scarf was photographed with a 19th C. Serbian dress, #2442, and a Serbian sash, #2445; all priced separately. Due to the constant political upheaval and fighting during the past 100 years, traditional 19th C. garments from Serbia are very rare, nearly impossible to find today. Museum quality.