#2445   Serbian Traditional Sash   19th C. 


Materials: Ecru homespun linen, dark green, red, black, yellow and blue wool embroidery yarn, gold metallic thread.

Provenance: Purchased at auction from a New England museum's de-accession lot. Originally came into museum from W.E. Mead family.

Label: Paper museum accession tag, "Yugoslavia  Serbia  Sash 27147/2  Mead, W.E."; written ink on underside, "27147/2". 

Condition: Excellent. One small area of red chain stitch is worn off from the embroidered design on one end of the scarf. 

Measurements:    11" X 52".

Comments: This Serbian sash has dense geometric embroidery worked in fine wool and gold metallic threads. Sash was photographed with a 19th C. Serbian dress, #2442, and a Serbian headscarf, #2444; all priced separately. Due to the constant political upheaval and fighting during the past 100 years, traditional 19th C. garments from Serbia are very rare. Museum quality.