#2510   Cloth Ankle Boots   c. 1850-1860 


Black cotton sateen, black velvet, 25 black glass buttons, elastic tape, unbleached linen lining, brass tip cotton laces, stacked wood heels, leather soles, steel nails.

Condition: Excellent. Black fabric has some small worn spots, these are not obvious at all. One missing glass button.

Measurements: L, 9"; Wd, 2.25"; Heel, 1"; Ht, 5.5".

Comments: The most unusual feature of these charming front button boots is their corset-like inner lacing. Putting these boots on took several steps. First the foot was laced into the boot through linen tapes with hand worked eyelet holes. Next the boot's velvet tongue was pulled into place over the linen inner lacing. Finally the outer boot was closed by pulling elastic cords from one row of buttons over the other. This last step allowed the wearer to quickly fasten her chic cloth boots.