#2597  Ivory Silk Damask Negligee   c. 1930s 


Materials: Ivory silk damask, ivory cotton net, and appliqué  lace, ivory and pale pink silk floss, blue silk ribbon.

Label: Woven red on pink, "Made In China".

Condition: Excellent-Perfect. Blue ribbon not original.

Measurements:    B, 34"; H, 39"; L, 58". Approximate size is a 6-8.

Comments: Workmanship is superior on this one of a kind negligee. Every stitch is by an expert hand. Flowers and leaves were cut from the silk damask fabric and embroidered with pink floss onto a double layer of net. The larger appliqué flowers have drawn-work lace centers; and the embroidered design continues off the net and onto the silk damask fabric. A perfectly elegant negligee.