#2643  Man's Bathing Costume  c. 1920s  


 Two Piece Suit: black wool knit, black cotton ties. Hose: red and white wool knit. Shoes: black cotton canvas, rubber soles, cotton laces, metal eyelets.

Provenance: Belonged to Ralph Cooley from Westfield, Massachusetts.

Condition: Excellent. The suit and shoes are flawless; stockings have a couple small holes and some dark stains on the soles.

Measurements:    Suit Top: Chest 34"; L, 26". Suit Bottom: W, up to 33"; H, 36"; L, 22". Shoes: L, 10.3", Wd, 3". Stockings: L, 16.5".

Comments: Very rare to find a complete bathing costume with provenance from the early 20th C.