#2653  Mrs. Henry Ford's Riding Boots  c. 1890 


Black leather, black wool & brown cotton gabardine, metal eyelets, hooks and buckles, stacked wood heels, dark brown shoe laces.

Provenance: Boots were purchased by an important 20th century American collector. She collected American and European clothing during the decades of the 1940s through 1980s. Boots were in her inventory and labeled as belonging to Mrs. Henry Ford. The toes are stuffed with pages of August 10, 1958 Detroit News.

Label: Etched into sole of boot, partly legible, "??FELFINGE?".

Condition: Excellent. Minor scuffs at back of heels, few tiny wear spots in gabardine, wear on soles. No fading or stains.

Measurements: L, 10"; Wd, 2.5"; Heel Ht, 1"; Boot Ht (incl. heel), 15".

Comments: Towards the end of the 19th century, acceptance of a woman's participation in sports became more widespread than ever before. The most popular physical activities for a lady at this time were horse back riding, bicycling and tennis. The boots offered here are extremely rare ladies 1890s sporting boots. At the bottom of each sole the leather is scored in horizontal bands. This scoring allowed better foot purchase while riding or cycling.  Rarity, important American provenance and beautiful condition make these boots worthy of inclusion in a museum's costume collection.