#2679  Antique Mechlin Lace 

  7+ Yards     SOLD

 Cream colored linen and cotton thread.

Condition: Excellent.

Measurements: Two pieces, each 2.5" wide, totaling 7 yards 5".

Comments: Mechlin lace rose to popularity in the late 17th century, and maintained its position as a favorite lace of the wealthy for the next two and a half centuries. It is a fine bobbin lace having a delicate design outlined with a heavier, silky cotton thread, called the cordonnet. During the early 19th C. several attempts were made to mimic the hand made Mechlin by machine. These attempts were short lived; the laces proved too time consuming and too expensive to produce.  It was very difficult for me to tell if the mid 19th C. Mechlin lace offered here was hand or machine made. At first I was sure it was hand made; now I believe this is one of the early rare examples of 19th C. machine made Mechlin. The cordonnet is not continuous throughout the whole design as it should be for the handmade Mechlin. This lace is an unusual collector's item.