#2681  Brabant Lace 18th C. 

 3 Yards     SOLD

Materials: Cream colored linen thread.

Label: Paper, c. 1900, stamped "B. Altman & Co." and hand written, "Old Brabant lace. Flemish. 18th Century. 3 1/4 yds."

Condition: Excellent.

Measurements: One continuous circular flounce, uncut, 7" wide, 3 yds long..

Comments: In A Dictionary of Lace, Pat Earnshaw describes 18th C. Brabant lace as a "bobbin lace of rich and semi-formal design....depicting large floral bouquets...and ribbon swathes".  This handmade piece of Brabant may have been made to trim a church vestment. The design pattern on this flounce is bold and strong, the lace itself in near perfect condition for its rarity.