#2738  Embroidered Summer Shawl  1835-1845 


Fine white cotton mull cloth, white cotton embroidery floss.

Condition: Very Good. Scattered breaks and holes in the fabric & few 19th C. mends. When displayed these defects are not significant enough to be visually detracting.

Measurements: 56" x 78".

Comments: White on white embroidered shawls, although quite popular in the early to mid 19th C., are difficult to come by today. Most have succumbed to too many launderings or, in later decades, to being re-made into other fashion accessories.  This shaped shawl with its double scalloped edge has lovely hand embroidery. Motifs are worked so that when folded into a large triangle, the main floral designs line up, one atop the other. The simple blossom heads and trailing vines suggest naiveté, yet the work was definitely done by an expert hand.