#2746  Spoon Busk Corset  1880s  


Black cotton sateen & pale blue chambray, black cotton lace trim, steel & cane stays, steel busk & front closure, brass eyelets, cream cotton laces.

Condition: Blue chambray faded, black lace faded to dark brown, some cane stays broken, light brown stain on back of left hip. Embroidery details and most of exterior excellent, overall good condition.

Measurements:    B 33.5", W 25", H 37", center front L 15".

Comments: In the 1870s and through the1880s lean, narrow bustle skirts were shown with long bodices. Tiny waists and an unbroken line from bust to hip were the desirable shape of the day. This effect was made possible with mass manufactured spoon busk corsets. Busks were usually made of steel; curving in at the waist and flaring out over the abdomen. The bold vertical graphics on the embroidered spoon busk corset offered here clearly shows this trend in woman's corsets.