18 Champleve Buttons  c. 1905

Materials: Brass, enamel.
Condition: Perfect; a couple of the brass shanks are slightly bent.
Measurements: 1/4" Across.
Comments: These tiny, dainty champleve enamel buttons have a slight dome top with rosebud center and red enamel around the perimeter,

8 Russian Cloisonné Buttons   c. 1900

Materials: Brass with green, white, red and black cloisonné.
Condition: Excellent; no chips in the enamels, a couple of the brass shafts are bent; all tops in near perfect condition.
3/4" Wide X 5/16" High.
Comments: Cloisonné is the process of filling wire cells with different colored ground glass. Heat is applied, then the process is repeated over and over until the wire cells are filled to the top with the colored glass. This set of eight elegant cloisonné buttons came off an early 20th century coat that originated in Russia.

18 Champleve Buttons  c. 1905

Materials: Brass with brass shank, enamel.
Condition: Perfect. 
Measurements: 7/16" Across.
Comments: These dainty champleve enamel buttons have a slight dome top. The center is a brownish plum and cream flower with tiny rosebuds enameled around the perimeter.

18 Brass Buttons   c. 1910

Materials: Brass with green paint.
Condition: Excellent; paint slightly worn in a couple buttons, most are in near perfect condition. 
5/16" Wide x 1/4" Thick.
These small brass buttons are dome shaped with a pretty sage green pinwheel pattern. Self brass shank.

9 Jet Buttons  c. 1880

Materials: French jet with self shank, white, gold, black paint.
Condition: Very Good; most buttons have tiny chips on the edges (not easily seen).
5/8" x  3/8"; 1/4" deep.
Comments: Rectangular jet buttons have their surfaces painted; the thick paint on the twin white leaves give each button texture.

13 Maltese Buttons  19th c.

Materials: Silver metal with self shank, black enamel paint.
Condition: Excellent; one button has a dent; some of the black enamel is worn.
5/8" Across; 3/8" deep.
Comments: These domed handmade silver buttons have a Maltese cross in the center with tiny zig-zags etched on the exposed silver areas.  I believe these are military buttons and that they are sterling.

Six Ivory Buttons   c. 1900

Materials: Antique ivory.
Condition: Excellent; a few tiny hard to see chips near the holes.
1 1/4" Wide x 3/16" Thick.
Comments: Gorgeous flat ivory discs with a double hole drilled in the centers; the holes are closely spaced on the button's top, more spread out on the back.


24 Buttons   c. 1870-90
Materials: Set of 24 on original card carved from the South American tagua nut.  Also commonly called  vegetable ivory or vegetable plastic.
Label:  Stamped on card "Boutons Superieure"
Condition:  Excellent.
Measurements: 1/2"
Comments: The tops of these buttons were dyed a pale green. The design cut into the surface reveals the original ivory color of the nut.


                 54 Glass Buttons   c. 1930

Clear glass
Condition:  Excellent.
Measurements: 1/2"
Comments: The domed glass buttons have a square shaped well cut into the centers. Each center has 4 holes.