Growing up in New England with my portrait artist father and a fashion illustrator mother inspired within me a love of clothing, textiles and fine art. Since 1978 my professional time has been devoted to buying, selling, and studying antique clothing, accessories, lace, and textiles. I have curated museum costume and lace exhibits and have appraised collections for historical societies, museums, and private collectors.  I am a member of The Costume Society of America, a national organization dedicated to the study, history and preservation of costume. I am also an appraiser of antique clothing, lace, and textiles for the hit PBS series ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

I offer a full range of identification, acquisition
and de-accession services to individuals,
public and private institutions and estate planners.

Consultation Services

Individual Collectors and Estates

Purchase or Broker
Advise for Acquisition & De-accession


  For Museums and Historical Societies

Identify & Date
Evaluate & Appraise Collections

Advise for Acquisition & De-accession






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